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Pumpkins: Sweet, Savory, A Seasonal Delight

Photo: istockphoto

Just in case your Thanksgiving menu-planning has encountered a snag, the Globe has hit up several local chefs for their latest and greatest pumpkin-inspired recipes. We’re intrigued by a few of the selections.

No plain old pies here. Instead, we spied a healthy mix of sweet and savory offerings from a few surprising locales. Sure, we’re intrigued by the Ashmont Grill’s pumpkin ice-cream gingersnap sandwiches (pumpkin, bourbon, Chef Chris Douglass, fit to feed 20 people — how could you go wrong?); Harvest’s sugar pumpkin creme caramel also makes the mouth water. But how about pumpkin, leek, and smoked cheddar strata from JP’s Centre Street Cafe? Or an exotic pumpkin and Swiss chard tagine courtesy Central Square’s Baraka Cafe? Tantalizing.


Pumpkins: Sweet, Savory, A Seasonal Delight