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Obama Makes Surprise Visit at Topolobampo

President Obama waves before leaving Topolobampo.
President Obama waves before leaving Topolobampo. Photo: courtesy of @rick_bayless

We knew that President Obama was in town to help stump for Governor Quinn (you know, that election is tomorrow), but he didn’t let his political duties completely stop him from enjoying the food of his hometown. While he spent his birthday dinner with Oprah at Graham Elliot, this time he made a surprise visit to Topolobampo. Luckily, unlike Bayless’s visit to the White House, the chef was able to tweet to his heart’s content. According to Rick Bayless, the president made a reservation under a different name, and then arrived with an entourage, which included a Navy chef. At least thirteen vehicles arrived in front of the restaurant, shutting down Clark between Illinois and Hubbard. But what did he eat?

According to Bayless, Obama dined on the Langosta y Callos de Hacha en Salsa Verde, which is a scallop and lobster dish with roasted tomatillo-corn sauce and sweet corn tamales. Like his visit to Graham Elliot, Obama took the time to take a picture with the kitchen staff, before shaking hands with rest of the guests at Topolobampo.

Obama also found room on Sunday morning for some pancakes, eggs and turkey sausage at Valois Cafeteria. The Hyde Park restaurant was one of his standard spots during his University of Chicago days.

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Obama Makes Surprise Visit at Topolobampo