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Newsflash: Bars Sell Drinks to Drunk People

What is this world coming to? We last heard from WBZ’s fearless I-Team when they investigated a possible mozzarella stick-and-cheesecake scam at a Boston pizzeria. Now they’re tackling overly permissive bars.

To underscore the problem, they point to an undercover video of “young people staggering into the street, some falling into the gutter, others collapsing on the sidewalk” … on New Year’s Eve. (It’s been awhile since we’ve spent New Year’s Eve collapsed in a gutter, and with the Four Loko ban, our hopes have been dashed for this year, too.)

WBZ says Newburyport’s Thirsty Whale and Peabody punchline The Golden Banana are among the area’s worst offenders when it comes to serving drinks to drunkards, per state officials. Just FYI: “When state alcohol investigators go into a bar, they are not looking for people who have had a few too many glasses of wine. They are looking for ‘fall-down’ drunks.” Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Mass. Uncovers Worst Bars in State [CBS Local]

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Newsflash: Bars Sell Drinks to Drunk People