Myers + Chang vs. Forgetful Customer: WWYD?

Photo: istock

A doggie bag drama is unfolding at Myers + Chang, and it raises some interesting questions about just how far a restaurant should go to satisfy demanding diners. Always forthcoming on Facebook and Twitter, M+C posted a few days ago about a patron who forgot their leftovers and then demanded a gift certificate to replace them. Is it an unreasonable request?

The industry blogosphere has responded with furor, sympathy, and amusement. A sampling of comments:

“Offer them some free crybaby soup next time they come in.” [Facebook]

“Maybe the guy couldn’t handle his disappointment. Maybe some people just can’t handle a ‘loss’ of any kind.” [Server Not Servant]

“Ridiculous. The same person might ask Loews to rewind the part of the movie they missed while going to the bathroom.” [Server Not Servant]

“Were I the manager of that place, I would send photos of myself and/or staff gleefully enjoying the aforementioned doggie bag.” [Consumerist]

“I still believe that the customer’s always right. My family had stores (both sides of the family) and you treat people well. It’s good for your karma and your reputation.” [Universal Hub]

“I once puked after drinking too much at a bar, and the jerks wouldn’t give me a refund!” [Facebook]

Myers + Chang vs. Forgetful Customer: WWYD?