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Ming Tsai: From Hot and Sour Pork to Sour Grapes

Ming Tsai: Handle Gingerly
Ming Tsai: Handle Gingerly Photo: Facebook

Poor Ming Tsai! The Blue Ginger superchef/dumpling connoisseur was vanquished on Monday night’s episode of The Next Iron Chef. And he didn’t take the news well.

The Globe offers a handy play-by-play of the challenge, which featured beet batons from Marco Canora (bitter, but passable) and “fantastic” lobster sashimi courtesy Marc Forgione. Tsai, for his part, was assigned Mangalitsa pork, which he fashioned into “sublime” hot and sour pork shumai. Things went south with slow-poached lardo, though, and didn’t improve with roast pork. Upon being informed of his loss, Tsai declared himself “pissed,” going on to insist that he thought his food was “great.” Yes, yes, we’re sure it was. But you can’t win ‘em all. Who does he think he is, Bobby Flay?

Chef Tsai, You Were Outcooked [Globe]

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Ming Tsai: From Hot and Sour Pork to Sour Grapes