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Man Shaves White Truffles on Meat Patty, Burger Bloggers Go Crazy

Photo: Serious Eats

Is the $45 white-truffle number at Burger & Barrel the city’s latest “It” burger? Well, A Hamburger Today is definitely pushing hard to make it the next Black Label burger (or the next Waverly Inn truffle macaroni and cheese, take your pick). They’ve interviewed Josh Capon about it and posted a gauzy slideshow — see the truffle aïoli schmeared on the bun! See the white truffles shaved on the burger! Behold the white-truffle burger! The burger is made with magical LaFrieda beef (see Josh Capon hold up a box labeled LaFrieda! See him praise LaFrieda in the interview!), so you can imagine Josh Ozersky digs it: “White truffle burger at B&B.; Derided the idea. Begged capon not to do it. Was wrong. Its the next great burger in New York. A must-try.”

The next great burger? Sounds like the kind of hyperbole someone would reserve for a chef and a meat purveyor that attended his wedding! But rest assured, it has already made a grown man, Dmanburger, cry: “I find tears welling up in my eyes, like a young boy at his first Christmas.” And no, he’s not talking about getting the check and finding out the burger costs half a Benjamin. In any case, if caramelized onions are so passé and you’re looking for a new glamburger to put the words “have you tried the … ” in front of, this may be the one for you.

Burger and Barrel [Dmanburger]
Josh Capon’s $45 White Truffle Burger [A Hamburger Today/Serious Eats]

Man Shaves White Truffles on Meat Patty, Burger Bloggers Go Crazy