Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me Gets to the Bottom of a ‘Philly Taco’

The Philly Taco
The Philly Taco Photo: Courtesy Nora Gully

Last week when NPR’s syndicated weekly quiz show Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me came to town for a taping at the Kimmel Center, grilling contestants on news and current events wasn’t the only order of business. The show’s producer, Ian Chillag and some other NPR staffers, took advantage of some downtime for two stops on South Street in order to assemble the fabled Philly Taco, a gluttonous monstrosity that up until this moment Grub Street honestly believed was an urban legend. For the uninitiated, the Philly Taco is a cheesesteak from Jim’s Steaks wrapped in a giant slice of pizza from nearby Lorenzo’s. It also goes by such names as South Street Sushi, and the Lorenzo’s-Jim’s Challenge.

Chillag has posted a detailed account of this gastronomic expedition on Wait Wait … Don’t Blog Me for its recurring Sandwich Monday feature. One of the party’s members, Joel Rose best summed up the experience with: “I think even if you didn’t plan on it being your last meal, it’s your last meal.”
We Eat Cheesesteak Wrapped In A Slice of Pizza [Wait Wait… Don’t Blog Me]

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me Gets to the Bottom of a ‘Philly