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Jerry Remy’s Plan to Double Down Is a Bust

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Jerry Remy’s opened shop in Fenway as a 325-seat steakhouse. The sports bar has since rocked the boat with Fenway residents by seeking to add a rooftop bar that would double the restaurant’s seating capacity. The Herald reports today that City Hall and the BRA (Boston Redevelopment Authority) oppose the expansion on the grounds that “The city’s zoning code does not allow separate bar areas with standing room without dining … It’s not something we feel comfortable with and neither does the community.” (Unless they are watching sports — in a ballpark, specifically.)

Remy’s review before the licensing board today is most likely to get the smackdown if precedent plays a role in any of this. The city rejected a similar proposal by Cask ‘n Flagon for a 440-seat roof deck. While decks on sports bars meet with disapproval, City Council President Michael Ross singles out Tasty Burger, Cambridge 1, and Basho as welcome additions to the hood, noting “These new restaurants are drawing not just a baseball crowd, but a year-round crowd.” Whoa, watch out Red Sox Nation.

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Jerry Remy’s Plan to Double Down Is a Bust