Well Now Moe’s Says It’s Closing, Too

Gotta go to Moe's?
Gotta go to Moe’s? Photo: Patrick Siggins

Ruby’s, Cha-Cha’s, Tony’s: Now the Local has word of Moe’s in Fort Greene Facebook-messaging its fans with the news that it will shutter at the end of February 2011. A phone chat with a bartender confirmed the news, with the words “slumlord” and “something with the lease” being muttered before we were told to call back later.

Those who have howled their way through Moe’s karaoke, or experienced their odd-but-awesome dance nights, have a few months yet to mob the joint, and may take some consolation in the fact that the owners’ note promised, “We do plan to go out with a bang so stay turned [sic] for event updates!”

Moe’s Bar to Close in February [NYT/Local]

Well Now Moe’s Says It’s Closing, Too