How Much Would You Pay for Crack Pie?

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$103 seem about right? If you live on the West Coast, that’s what it would cost now that Momofuku Milk Bar is shipping pies, cookies and — thank God — tote bags emblazoned with the word “MILK.”

Whole pies must be overnighted via FedEx — Christina Tosi is known for her obsession with freshness — thus the cost, but seriously? Sucker serves eight to ten people. That’s $10 to $13 apiece for a slice of day-old pie. (Locals pay $44 for the pie). Perhaps even more bizarre is the cookie situation. They come in tins of six. Compost cookie, blueberry and cream, and corn cookies are all on offer, but say you wanted to share with a bunch of friends: Eighteen overnighted cookies would set you back $66, and those sent via two- or three-day post would cost $46. Those blueberry cookies contain dried blueberries. We imagine they’ll be extra dry after three days.

Who is buying these babies? The too-good-to-be-true answer: Angelenos. LA Weekly called the shipping news the “tweet heard round the world,” and their writer rhapsodizes, “We out here on the Left Coast, who have for too long been deprived of Tosi’s confectionery mash-ups of classic pastry technique and quotidian ingredients, found the world had gotten just a little bit sweeter.” Or at least it got sweeter for Left Coast last February, when the recipe for that $103 pie was printed in the L.A. Times.

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How Much Would You Pay for Crack Pie?