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Help P&H Soda Open Its Own Kitchen and YOU Can Be the Next Dr. Pepper

Photo: Melissa Hom

While Fork in the Road pits the egg cream at Hinsch’s against the one at Brooklyn Farmacy, a soda man who supplies the Farmacy (and who has a dream of opening a soda shop and luncheonette of his own) has taken to the Internet to raise funds. Anton Nocito is chef at the AKA Hotel’s café, but his passion project is P&H; Soda, currently available at Rockaway Taco, the Richardson, Brooklyn Kitchen, and elsewhere. (Remember that tasty quince soda at the recent Grub Street Food Festival?) The trouble is, he makes his syrups in a commercial bakery in Sunset Park, and if he’s going to expand his wholesale operation, start shipping nationwide, and set up the “mocktail” stands he’s planning, he’s going to need a space that he doesn’t have to share with everyone else.

That’s why Nocito has set up a page on IndieGoGo, a website that, like Kickstarter, allows folks like you to fund, say, a grown man’s carbonation habit. Contribute anywhere from $10 to $500 and you’ll get perks like free syrup (some not yet released), a tote bag, or an invite to a soda-making class. And throw down $5,000 and you’ll get a soda named after you (that’s right, you can be the next Dr. Pepper!). The ultimate goal is $18,000, and Nocito has raised only $3,186 with 25 days left to go, so if you haven’t sunk all your savings into a SodaStream, here’s where to cough up some change.

Drink a Better Soda! [IndieGoGo]

Help P&H Soda Open Its Own Kitchen and YOU Can Be the Next Dr. Pepper