Grease Freak Rates Chicago’s Best Pizza Slices

Is this the best slice?
Is this the best slice? Photo: thepizzareview/Flickr

It’s been a pretty great day for Chicago pizza. First, Serious Eats compiled a list of the 12 styles of pizza in our city. Then The Stew pointed us to this Travel + Leisure article which crowned Chicago as the best pizza city in the country (beat that New York!). So, how can it get any better? Well, that’s where the Grease Freak comes in. He’s already shared his patented text-free reviews of hot dogs, Italian beefs, turkey clubs, chili, wings, and burgers, and now he’s delving into the world of slices. So which place came out on top?

He’s already given his thoughts about 13 different places, but it’s hard to know exactly which one he likes the best. As always, the Grease Freak provides no explanation for his picks, just snapshots and stars. So Santullo’s Eatery, Renaldi’s, and Noli Pizza all seem to be tied for first. It’s not a bad list.

As for us, all this talk of pizza has made us awfully hungry for some real Chicago pizza. Where should we go?

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Grease Freak Rates Chicago’s Best Pizza Slices