Look Who's Popping Up

Golden Beet and Green Tomato Pickles Pop-Up on Melrose With Bacon Jam

Photo: CWK

While that trendsetter pie is feeling all super-hot about itself these days, let us not turn our back on yesterday’s trend of pickling and canning. Chicks With Knives is lending a hand for one-night next week with the return of its pickle pop-up shop, “Perishable.” A little like that Harry & David’s pop-up, albeit for a less grandmotherly crowd, Perishable will present samples of the chefs’ twelve varieties of pickles for people to place orders on, as well as their original bacon jam (sorry bacon, your days are dwindling until you leave cupcakes and start invading pie). The Chicks promise their pickles, which come in varieties like blueberry aigre doux, curried Asian pear, and cucumber, are never hot-processed or canned, with a shelf-life of about two weeks. In addition to pickle samples, drinks, door-prizes, and a general whoop-tee-do is planned at the Melrose location they’re taking over next Thursday. For a full-list of the pickles on offer, look below.

Perishable: A Pop-Up Pickle Shop, December 2nd, 7:30-9:00 P.M. at 8500 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles (at La Cienega).

Pickles available through Perishable and Chicks
$6/small - $8/large
Varieties are subject to Change

-Golden Beet
-Blueberry Aigre Doux
-Mexican Style Carrots & Jalepeños
-Corn & Sweet Red Pepper
-Classic Cucumber
-Curried Asian Pear
-Dilly Beans
-Green Tomato Relish
-Heirloom Melon - Southern Style
-Pattypan Squash

Golden Beet and Green Tomato Pickles Pop-Up on Melrose With Bacon Jam