Food Safety Bill Vote Today; Four Loko Steps Aside For Boozy Whipped Cream

• The Senate will finally vote today on that food-safety bill, which now has the support of a number of large corporations, including Cargill and Campbell Soup. [USAT]

• Dole Food Company will have to pay $200,000 in attorneys fees and costs following its claims that a movie called Bananas!, critical of its business practices in Nicaragua, was defamatory. [ABC]

• A man slammed his car into the side of a Highland Park diner on Saturday, killing one person and leaving three others injured. [L.A. Times]

• With Four Loko on the way out, alcoholic whipped cream might just prove the next big trend in teenage boozing. And in other news, Varsity Blues just inked a deal for another movie. [NYDN]

• Carla’s Bakery and Wendy’s in Moorpark were robbed by knife-wielding assailants last week. [KABC]

• Palm Desert’s Noura Cafe is a hard to find oasis for Lebanese cuisine. [My Desert]

• Chef Barry Wildman has revolutionized what Coast Guard staff are eating in San Pedro, even growing his own produce outside of the kitchen. [Los Angeles Times]

• Pico Rivera is holding a food drive for local charities. [Whittier Daily News]

• In case you’re in the market: Atlanta institution Ann’s Snack Bar, famous for its big, messy $9.50 “Ghetto Burger,” is for sale. [NYT]

• Because offering a weight-loss plan that’s actually rumored to work is probably bad for business, Weight Watchers has dispensed with its popular Points system in favor of a new one, dubbed PointsPlus. [USAT]

• For no reason other than to toy with the American consumer, McDonald’s will retire the McRib indefinitely on December 5. [USAT]

Food Safety Bill Vote Today; Four Loko Steps Aside For Boozy Whipped Cream