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Eddie Huang Introduces All-You-Can-Guzzle Four Loko

Photo: Courtesy of Four Loko

The Community Board members who convinced Eddie Huang not to name his latest restaurant Crackhaus couldn’t stop this from happening: In what’s perhaps the most déclassé thing to happen to a beverage program since Michael Psilakis’s “brown-bag collection”, Huang says he’ll unleash a $15 all-you-can-drink Four Loko deal at Xiao Ye. If you haven’t had the pleasure, Four Loko is one of the sweet, caffeinated malt liquor drinks (containing 12% alcohol and the equivalent of a tall Starbucks coffee) that were just banned in Michigan and are being considered for bans elsewhere after recent hospitalizations. (Frank Bruni recently tried the stuff: “Until I felt a slight flush in my cheeks and subtle tingling on my scalp, I could have convinced myself that I was drinking candy.”)

Huang tells Eater he’ll offer the deal on Thursdays only, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., and warns that the Loko is “not a drink, it is chlorine in the gene pool. It weeds out all the people unfit for the next generation, like Darwin in a can.” If you see an ambulance idling on Orchard Street, you now know why. Thing is: With all the attention Four Loko is getting, why doesn’t a similar concoction, Joose, get more love? Check out Joose’s amazing theme song here orange in my system, red in my system, blue in my system, Joose in my system

Eddie Huang Rolls Out All-You-Can Drink Four Loko Deal [Eater]

Eddie Huang Introduces All-You-Can-Guzzle Four Loko