Look Who's Popping Up

Dominique Crenn, El Bulli Vet, Manzke, and Jason Travi Coming to Last Days of Test Kitchen

Photo: Courtesy of Luce

The final days of pop-up phenomenon Test Kitchen (at least at its original Pico location) are upon us. But before Ricardo Zarate completely takes over the space with his new restaurant, a great line-up of chefs will provide its swan song. This Sunday, a chef super group featuring former Riva and Fraiche chef Jason Travi, former Water Grill chef David Lefevre, and former David Myers chefs Steve Samson and Zach Pollack will celebrate “cooking with friends” on a menu featuring peppered brisket, scallops, and a bluefin tuna in porchetta charred eggplant. Next Tuesday and Wednesday, El Bulli and Gary Danko vet Perfecto Rocher will team with Walter Manzke for a preparation of 20 tapas, including blood sausage tortilla Espanola, manchego churros, and braised tripe and pig’s feet. Who else is visiting Test Kitchen next week, marking a return to L.A.?

Following one-night stints from Pinot Bistro’s Kevin Meehan, Cafe Pierre’s Remi Lauvand, and Drago Centro’s Ian Gresik, Iron Chef combatant Dominique Crenn, who once ran her own Abode in Santa Monica, will return to L.A. on December 5th. Crenn will display the elements going into her latest planned San Francisco restaurant, Atelier Crenn, a seasonal exploration of “taste, scent, and vision.” The menu includes oysters with “winter nuances,” egg and truffles, lightly flamed venison, and sweetbread, marrow, and bouillon with a winter sweet sensation. See the full menus and prices online and make reservations at 310-277-0133.

Dominique Crenn, El Bulli Vet, Manzke, and Jason Travi Coming to Last Days of