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Definitely Not The Cake of the Future

Royal/T’s “Tron Identity Disc Cake” Photo: Royal/T

Sometimes it feels like Royal/T bites off more than it can really chew, which probably comes naturally when you’re a combination gallery/shopping boutique/cosplay cafe/temple of weirdness. One of the Culver City space’s latest gambits is an art exhibit, pop-up shop, and menu styled around Disney’s forthcoming sequel for Tron, debuting later this month. Unfortunately, for a place that positions itself on the cutting edge of style and pop-culture, their ode to the technology of the sci-fi classic looks undeniably low-fi. What’s wrong with this picture?

The above photo is of Royal/T’s Tron “Identity Disc cake,” which looks absolutely nothing like that cool glowing frisbee from the movie (even the first one from the eighties). Sure, it has a circular pattern of sorts, but instead of utilizing a little blue food coloring or playing cleverly with negative space, it looks more like something we would bring to one of Cathy Chaplin’s blogger bake-sales that we generally lack the baking talent to contribute to. Oh well, at least the endive in their “Lightcycle sushi Salad” (pictured below) is shaped vaguely like a futuristic bike. But still, can’t we do a little better than this, Royal/T?

Royal/T’s Lightcycle Salad

Disney Tron Pop-Up Shop
November 19th-23rd
8910 Washington Blvd. Culver City.

Definitely Not The Cake of the Future