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David Arquette Rages at The Colony in Hollywood; Halle Berry Munches at Mirabelle

Wow, David Arquette clearly hasn’t sowed all of his wild oats yet. The former flame of Courtney Cox, and occasional actor, appeared to be partying hard at The Colony this week, forgetting that every other d-bag on earth comes equipped with a cell camera these days, thus getting stuck in quite a compromising position on the dance floor. Yes, Arquette pulled a triple party foul here by: 1): Thinking he can dance. 2): Attempting the act in public. And 3): Confusing dancing in public with doing it. That’s teach me how to DOUGIE, David, not doggie! In any case, smoother celebrities like Halle Berry, Anthony Hopkins, and The Stefani-Rossdales were able to eat in and drink in L.A. this week without incident. Take a look below.

Cecconi’s: Cassie Scerbo and Sara Paxton were spotted at an event for Range Rover last Tuesday. [Just Jared]

Chaya: Former Spielberg flame Amy Irving had a nibble. [Grub Street]

Daily Grill: Rachel Bilson grabbed a bite with a friend, then looked traumatized by flashbulbs on her way out. [Just Jared]

Katsuya: Anthony Hopkins opted not for brains in Brentwood, but sushi. [Grub Street]

La Loggia Italian Bistro: Jessica Simpson ordered from this Encino pizza restaurant during her engagement party. Hopefully, that wasn’t what caused the ensuing “ring drama!” Gasp. [Huffington Post]

Mirabelle: Halle Berry had lunch before shopping at Bristol Farms. [Just Jared]

Panera: Miley Cyrus took it to-go. Why is she always smiling? [People]

Royal/T: The stars of the new Tron came out to celebrate the gallery and cafe’s new exhibit, based on the film. Jeff Bridges was apparently still stuck in the arcade game, but Olivia Wilde, Efren Ramirez, James Frain, and Beau Garrett were there. And some dude named Luke Youngblood. We really wish our parents had named us that. [Grub Street]

The Colony: David Arquette had a mighty fine time whilst “dancing.” [Perez Hilton]

The Colony: Ignoring the fact that every other Disney Channel back-up band has someone with a mohawk these days too, Kesha (sorry, Ke$ha) acted all edgy on the red carpet. [Just Jared]

The Ivy: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale had lunch together Thursday. Aww… [Just Jared]

Name this restaurant: Jennifer Love Hewitt had lunch at a pizza restaurant. Can you recognize it? Let us know in our comments. [Star Pulse]

David Arquette Rages at The Colony in Hollywood; Halle Berry Munches at