Complete Shmendriks Destroy Coney Island Boardwalk (Ruby’s Included)

Photo: Andrew Karcie

It was bound to happen, but it’s impossible to believe: Even though Coney Island’s West 12th Street is named Ruby Jacobs Way, the long-endangered dive and beach-grub spot that bears his name will finally have to close after 76 years in business. City Room reports that after new landlord Central Amusement (a Jersey subsidiary of an Italian company) asked eleven boardwalk establishments to plead their cases, Ruby’s was one of nine that failed to make a convincing argument (apparently the geniuses at Central Amusement don’t read the “Best of New York” issue). Also on the way out: Cha Cha’s (an institution in its own right) and Beer Island.

As for how the boardwalk will look next year, the Lola Star gift shop gets to stay, as does the boardwalk satellite of Nathan’s (yes, historic mom-and-pop businesses are gone, but it’s apparently crucial that a fast-food joint gets to keep one of its estimated 10,000 nationwide outlets open, even though it has a huge location just a short block away). City Room hears that Brooklyn Brewery is negotiating to open a beer hall, and NY1 reports that the boardwalk will now be anchored by “a sit-down restaurant with an ocean view, open 365 days a year, able to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also a very large sports bar” (pissed off emphasis ours). Doesn’t the area already have a generic sports bar in Peggy O’Neill’s? What the fuck, people? Is nothing sacred? Apparently not — because the city is also poised to replace the wooden boardwalk with concrete. And now New Yorkers who thrive on boardwalk history will have to go to Jersey to find it. Central Amusement: We are very much not amused.

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Complete Shmendriks Destroy Coney Island Boardwalk (Ruby’s Included)