Chef Shuffle at Monk’s Kettle; McDonald’s Thinks They’re ‘Part of the Solution’ In Re: Obesity

• Kevin Kroger has left the employ of Monk’s Kettle. It appears amicable. [Eater]

• Kauffman likes his Brussels sprouts with loads of prosciutto. [SFoodie]

• An early verdict on Locavore in Bernal Heights: disappointing. [The Perfect Spot]

• New photo exhibit at the bar Dirty Thieves features photos all taken within 200 yards of the bar. [Uptown Almanac]

• Confirming what any sane consumer would have suspected, Jones bacon-flavored soda has a “salty, hammy” aftertaste and generally isn’t too appealing. [Pop Candy/USAT]

• McDonald’s is doing just great, thankyouverymuch, says its chairman, Jim Skinner. He also claims the fast-food giant is “recession-proof,” “own[s]” breakfast, has been “part of the solution” with regard to obesity, and a bunch of other stuff that will piss you off. [USAT]

• Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Lynch, and Baz Luhrmann were among the eulogizers at the funeral of movie producer Dino De Laurentiis, the grandfather of Food Network star Giada. [USAT]

• According to a survey, the average American will spend two of the year’s remaining days engaged in holiday shopping and merriment, including more than three hours standing in line. [NYDN]

• And now for the latest hard-hitting trend coverage from the New York Post: Doughnuts are popular. [NYP]

Chef Shuffle at Monk’s Kettle; McDonald’s Thinks They’re