The Other Critics

Charcoal Has a ‘Wonderfully Original Touch;’ Adsum Has ‘the Best Whole Fish in Philadelphia’

• Charcoal’s “apple-smoked, brown-butter-basted Pillsbury biscuit is a wonderfully original touch,” but a novel presentation of pork belly “harbored so much unrendered fat, no one at our table wanted a second bite.” [Inquirer]

• Adsum’s roasted black sea bass is “hands-down the best whole fish … in Philadelphia,” while the fried pierogies are “outrageously delicious.” [Phillymag]

• The Wood Oven Flatbread at JG Domestic is “definitely delicious,” and the Colorado Lamb Spareribs are “soft and almost falling off the bone … the dark glaze seemed to have a deep Asian-inspired flavor.” [Two Eat Philly]

• “The nose tingling, allergy clearing creamy wasabi spread” on Jake’s Sandwich Board’s Philly Wasabi Sandwich “was amazing,” and “the American cheese blended in completely and added to the creamy, salty bliss.” [Midtown Lunch]

Charcoal Has a ‘Wonderfully Original Touch;’ Adsum Has ‘the