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Baz Luhrmann Has Lunch With Leo at Café Gitane, Dinner With Blake Lively at the Lion

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As the director at the helm of the big screen adaptation of much-loved The Great Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann has some important casting choices ahead of him. Over a lunch at Café Gitane, he talked with Leonardo DiCaprio, who’s rumored for the role of Jay Gatsby; then later in the week, Leo brought Blake Lively to dinner with Baz and pals at the Lion, so perhaps she’s in the running for Daisy Buchanan’s part? (Rumors that Leo and Blake left the meal together are in a whole other gossip-sphere.) Now, the rest of this week’s sightings.

Bar Pitti: Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi took her six-month-old daughter, Krishna, to lunch. [INFDaily]
Café Gitane: Reportedly set for a lead role in The Great Gatsby, Leonardo DiCaprio lunched alfresco with the forthcoming film’s director, Baz Luhrmann, and gamely dealt with fervent fan attention. [JustJared]
Café Riazor: Sam Mendes caught up with Ethan Hawke and Rebecca Hall (who both starred in his Bridge Project theater productions) over lunch in Chelsea. [Page Six/NYP]
Cascabel: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were quite the “happy couple” at Cascabel, sharing steak and chicken tacos with some orange agua frescas. [Page Six/NYP]
Dos Caminos: This week’s Gossip Girl cast sighting: Leighton Meester sharing pear margaritas with Chace Crawford and a friend at dinner. [People]
Downtown Cipriani: While dining with ‘popaganda’ artist Ron English and his wife, Teresa, Chris Brown shared his own artistic aspirations — he’d like to start a “graffiti movement.” [NYDN]
Monkey Bar: Even while hiding in a corner booth while on a date at the Midtown venue, Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt were a prominent focal point for their fellow diners. [Page Six/NYP]
Playwright Tavern: Perhaps fearing some abs-themed competition from Joe Manganiello, True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten dined lean and light on salmon and steamed veg. [Page Six/NYP]
Rouge Tomate: While at a luncheon promoting new film Made in Dagenham, The Village Voice’s Michael Musto fell off his chair after one of its legs broke off. [Page Six/NYP]
Stand: Black Crowes front man Chris Robinson took his daughter Cheyenne for fast food at the West Village burger joint. [People]
Tea & Sympathy: Ralph Fiennes was spotted enjoying classic Brit cuisine at Tea & Sympathy. [Gawker Stalker]
The Lion: Leonardo DiCaprio was out with Baz again for dinner at the Lion, this time with Blake Lively in tow. [US Magazine]
Villa Pacri: Gerard Butler helped the victim of a high-heels tumble in the cobbled streets outside Villa Pacri after a meal with some friends. [NYDN]

Baz Luhrmann Has Lunch With Leo at Café Gitane, Dinner With Blake Lively at