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Casualties of the ShackBurger

Photo: Hannah Whitaker

Not everyone is drooling over the possibility of a forthcoming Shake Shack on the Fulton Street Mall. Yesterday, after the news broke, we stopped by Tony’s Famous Pizzeria, where employee Anthony Casaccio told us the pizzeria was “moving down to Bond and Fulton.”

Apparently Tony’s is a family affair, since young Casaccio told us to call his dad, Sal, the owner. When we spoke to him last night, Sal was “not too happy about it, ‘cause I have to leave! I’ve been there twenty years!” Our calls to Danny Meyer reps were met with radio silence, and Sal was just as reluctant to share the name of his landlord, but today he seemed in a better mood, saying with a chuckle, “I can’t confirm or not confirm … but I think they’re coming.”

Poor Tony’s. Somehow we fear the establishment’s displacement will not be met with an angry rally like the one elsewhere in Kings County this weekend.

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Casualties of the ShackBurger