Brooklyn Commune Not an Actual Commune, But Coming Along Nicely

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Prospect Heighters bemoaning the lack of Stumptown as they trundle down to the Fort Hamilton F train every morning, get ready to freak out: Brooklyn Commune — not an actual commune, but a café-market hybrid — is opening right on the subway corner in the next two to three weeks. A snapshot of the interior reveals a wooden coffee bar crafted by hand, decent daylight, pretty stamped-tin ceilings, and some metallic lamps made out of whisk attachments. (Oh, Brooklyn.)

The two owners, a couple, have culinary backgrounds, largely in catering, corporate cooking, and front-of-house operations, although co-owner Christopher Scott had a stint working at the Latest Dish in Philadelphia. The eatery is partnering with the KWT CSA and Prospect Farm to source goods for catering, a market, and a 23-seat café. When it opens this month, it will be BYO. “There’s a wine store just one store down,” reports co-owner Eugenie Woo.

The duo’s goal, says Woo, is to “promote the community.” She looks forward to selling “things that are different from what you can get at the few options we have here — whole grains and housemade products.” Expect CSA-sourced produce and largely light fare — the website threatens “huge salads,” sandwiches, and a few entrées. Woo hopes to eventually throw Sunday suppers in the space, and “in the next year or so we’ll be trying to incorporate some classes and field trips.”

According to our tipster, the place has been in progress for years, but his level of salivating over it makes us think it’ll definitely be a game-changer in that neighborhood if the food is great.

Brooklyn Commune Not an Actual Commune, But Coming Along Nicely