Boston’s Unsung Sous Chefs Tell All

The current issue of Stuff magazine has a tasty feature on the talents and triumphs of local sous chefs. Herein, some of the most inspirational quotes from the piece.

• Jason Hanelt, Hamersley’s Bistro: “Even now, Gordon hands me an eggplant and says, ‘I want you to dice this onion,’ and I say, ‘Yes, Chef.’ You don’t argue with the guy. I have a ton of respect for him, which is what inspires me to keep working with him.”

• Ben Groppe, Hungry Mother: “I still get a big charge every time I cook a steak to a beautiful mid-rare or flip over a piece of fish with perfectly crispy skin.”

• Brendan Joy, Coppa: “Working with small plates is great, because if you want to make a dish that revolves around radishes, you can.”

• Mark Mariano, Grill 23: “When I moved to Boston … I somehow managed to get a job at Armani Café on Newbury. It was a great experience. When I started I was a vegetarian; by the time I left, osso buco was probably my favorite thing to eat.”

• Danny Scampoli, Craigie on Main: “To get a whole animal, even a fish, and be able to use it from head to tail—it really opens your eyes.”

The Unsung Heroes of the Kitchen [Stuff]

Boston’s Unsung Sous Chefs Tell All