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Bostonians Go Ga-Ga for Goat Meat; Suburbia Not So Sure

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We here at Grub Street have been devouring goat tacos since our college hangover days. And as we noted a couple of months ago, many restaurants nationwide are embracing the flavorful meat. Now, it seems, Boston’s getting in on the grocery-goat action, although it’s still a tough sell in the ‘burbs.

Today’s Globe sings the tasty animal’s praises: fewer calories, less saturated fat, more economical to raise, delicate in flavor. In fact, it’s the most-consumed meat worldwide. They call out Well Foods Plus in Somerville’s Union Square as a goat hot spot; Brookline and Copley farmers’ markets also do a brisk goat business. But those uptight Concordians can’t quite hop aboard the goat bandwagon: At Concord Prime & Fish, says the Globe, only a few Indian and French customers request goat; it’s as unpopular as venison.

Note: If you’re looking for goat but don’t want to cook it yourself, make haste to Highland Kitchen for their spicy, life-changing goat stew.

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Bostonians Go Ga-Ga for Goat Meat; Suburbia Not So Sure