Bondir Open in Area 4, Complete With Fireplace

Bonjour, Bondir!
Bonjour, Bondir! Photo: David Dadekian

Bondir, the brand-new modern American venture from Jason Bond (late of Beacon Hill Bistro), officially opened last night. We checked in with him to see how everything went.

Apparently, Bloody Butcher grits were a big hit; so too were the Martha’s Vineyard bay scallops with Mangalitesa pancetta. (Bond raised two of the Hungarian pigs himself; the first-ever in the area.) Another draw? The fireplace. “The fireplace has turned out to be a great gathering spot,” he told Grub Street. “People come in, sit on the benches, have a glass of wine.” Sounds rustic and delightful!

As for Area 4, Bond says he’s happy to be cooking where he’s lived for more than 10 years. “It’s a strange location, across the street from a garage,” he says. “The front is kind of an ugly brick. It’s just not an attractive building. But people will be surprised when they see how warm and cute it is.” Hey, worked for Trina’s Starlite Lounge.

The restaurant will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with Bond planning to get back into the groove Friday evening.

279A Broadway, Cambridge, 617-661-0009

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Bondir Open in Area 4, Complete With Fireplace