Bindi’s Thali Tuesday Is Still One of the Best $20 You’ll Spend

Bindi's Thali
Bindi’s Thali Photo: Bindi

With all the recent hype surrounding Barbuzzo and its many tasty offerings, we nearly forgot about Thali Tuesday, the weekly $20 dinner deal at Marcie Turney and Valarie Safran’s Indian BYO Bindi, still one the city’s best weeknight dining deals. For the uninitiated, a typical thali meal consists of several small dishes presented on a large round tray. With Bindi’s Thali Tuesdays, guests have the choice of ordering meat, fish or vegetarian options that are served alongside a wonderful sampling of many Indian-inspired dishes. Each week offers a different selection of dishes. Click through for tonight’s menu.

choice of the following

tamarind-jagerry glazed pork skewers
roasted butternut squash puree,apple-pecan kuchumber, black spice


pan seared mahi
vermicelli, toor dal, green chili, pickled red onion, cilantro


coconut-xacuti curry, haricot vert, sweet potato, curry leaf, lime

everyone will receive

fried chickpea-pumpkin chaat
jiacama, cucmber, cilantro, tamarind chutney, seasoned yogurt, pomegranate seeds

fall vegetable masala
brussles, broccoli, potato, cumin, madras curry

punjabi five lentil stew
cumin, mustard seed, red chili, curry leaf

smoked tomato khichadi
basmati, cumin, hickory wood, caramelized shallot

cranberry chutney
orange juice, cinnamon, ginger, red wine

chili scented raita
house made raita, cumin, red chili, cucumber, cilantro

curried cauliflower paratha
hand rolled griddle bread, ghee, sea salt, coconut

Bindi’s Thali Tuesday Is Still One of the Best $20 You’ll Spend