Bimbo Buys Sara Lee; Calling Out The Twinkie Diet

• Sara Lee is selling all of its bakery operations to Grupo Bimbo, the biggest food company in Mexico. [USAT]

• After oil-eating bacteria started feasting on the Gulf spill, that same oil worked its way up the food chain. [NYT]

• Next Stop, Willoughby: Jeshua Garza and Adrian Ocho have relaunched their Southern food truck Willoughby Road, scaling back their menu specialties and sides. [L.A. Weekly]

• Now there’s this to worry about: All the crap in fast-food wrappers apparently leaks into food and is starting to show up in human blood. [ENS]

• This Twinkies diet thing is so bullshit. [CNN]

• Underground pop-up restaurant Simpo is popping up for one night this Thursday above Gjelina. [L.A. Weekly]

• A big rig full of dog food collided with another truck last night, closing the Pomona Freeway in both directions. [L.A. Weekly]

• A Florida sushi restaurant is starting one of those monthly parties where raw fish gets served on a real live woman, with the chef stating, “She’s my platter that I get to put my food on.” [USA Today]

• Buellton’s legendary Pea Soup Andersen’s has 150 varieties of split pea soup, which comes in bottomless bowls. [SF Gate]

Bimbo Buys Sara Lee; Calling Out The Twinkie Diet