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Symon in Turkey Fight With Batali: ‘Stick to Pasta!’

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Over on his Twitter, Michael Symon is dispensing Thanksgiving advice (he’s the author of a forthcoming meat cookbook, after all), but one particular nugget of wisdom (“don’t brine your turkey!!”) hasn’t jibed well with Mario Batali, who’s known to cook his bird (plus sweet potatoes with mini-marshmallows on top!) in the outdoor pizza oven at his Michigan home. Here’s the Kitchen Stadium–worthy trash talk.

@Chefsymon: dont brine your turkey!!…season it the night before..taste and texture will be better..trust me ive done both ways

@Mariobatali: Yer wrong keilbasa boy Bring on the brine boys and girls I cook mine in my wood oven on the lake!!

@Chefsymon: mb..u r a culinary god..but stick to pasta season the night before and wrap that bad boy in buttered cheesecloth and let it rip.

@Mariobatali: But why would you put your turkey in a cheesecloth waistcoat?? And butter too?? Trust yer bird and long live briners we’re wet

@Chefsymon: do they even have turkeys in italy

@Mariobatali: none since you left last visit.

@Chefsymon: so bummed my birthday sharin..good buddy..sometimes mentor..cant cook a turkey. a brined turkey is like a wet pack brined scallop…moist and mushy..all show no go..but i still love ya mb

@Mariobatali: I guess you land locked red staters get those scallops they are banned out east we have not even seen them since the 80’s

@Chefsymon: which is exactly why you should leave the meat to us midwestern boys!!!

@Mariobatali: Only the loaf my cow tipper friend only the loaf Heeyaw giddyup pilgrim

So whose side are you on?

Symon in Turkey Fight With Batali: ‘Stick to Pasta!’