Bao Bringing Westsiders Closer to San Gab Dim Sum

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

A blow will be dealt to West Los Angeles’s dim sum deficit this Wednesday when Bao Dim Sum house takes over Beverly’s Jian Korean BBQ with offerings of Chinese dumplings all week at all three meals. Will the blow be significant enough to save Westsiders a drive to San Gabriel Valley? It’s not totally impossible, considering Eater reports that the chef has experience cooking in that part of the city, though they also call it “dum sum” in their post. The Jian ownership hasn’t changed here, just the concept, along with the addition of partner Howard Chan, who better know his bao and shu mai if the place is expected to stick around. An opening is planned for this Wednesday.

Bao, 8256 Beverly Blvd. West Hollywood.

Bao Dum Sum House Updates Interior, Officially Opens Wed [Eater]

Bao Bringing Westsiders Closer to San Gab Dim Sum