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An Update in Cake: Simple Things Sandwich & Pie Shop Coming to 3rd Street While Magnolia Kicks Its Sweets to the Curb

Simple Things Sandwich & Pie Shop is getting ready to debut on Third Street in the third week of November, under Andy Paxson, Ryan Handel, and Carrie Cusack. Food & Wine put Cusack’s Missouri mud pie as number two on its list of killer pies this past August, having sampled her desserts through an online store, Frankie and Tiny’s, which is now closed. Cusack, the executive chef here, will also unleash a line of creative sandwiches that finds the trio roasting their own meats, as well as brunch, lunch, coffee, and dinner. Thankfully, Squid Ink says they’ll eschew cupcakes for daily-changing pie varieties and a you-design-it-and-we’ll-make-it option. But speaking of cupcakes, what’s going on on the same block over at Magnolia?

Magnolia, New York’s exported bakery that sometimes sees lines spilling onto the sidewalk, has finally come to understand Angelenos’ reluctance to stand on the sidewalk, lest someone see us without a car. The bakers have just begun curbside pick-up on this street of so-much screwed up parking. Fans can now dial them up for orders of $25 or more, and as long as they give an hour’s notice (48 for custom orders), can pick up banana pudding, cupcakes, or ice box cakes on their side street, Orlando. Just think, your big booty may never have to leave a seat again!

Simple Things Sandwich & Pie Shop, coming to 8310 West 3rd Street. West Hollywood.

Magnolia curbside orders can be placed at 323-951-0636.

An Update in Cake: Simple Things Sandwich & Pie Shop Coming to 3rd Street While