The Other Critics

Sonata Is “Remarkable;” Paloma’s Caesar Salad is “Oh-You-Fancy”

Sonata’s rabbit and andouille sausage gumbo is “remarkable,” and the duck confit cooked sous vide is a “textural tour de force, though slightly too salty.” [PW]

Paloma’s vertical Caesar salad is “oh-you-fancy” and the “luxe” lobster poblano soup “stoked a slow, steady burn, amplified by a wonderful surface swirl of guajillo chili oil.” [Citypaper]

• Piquillo peppers stuffed with Basque tuna and seasoned chickpeas at Biba, plays “beautifully against the slight firmness of the peppers,” and the fragrant meaty eggplant caponata panino is a “vegetarian delight.” [South Philly Review]

• The “shriveled” French-Korean hot dog “wrapped in a delicious flakey buttery croissant roll and some sort of cheese and parsley garnish” from Elkins Park’s Paris Baguette tastes “more towards spicy beef dog than bland cheap chicken dog.” [Drawing for Food]

Sonata Is “Remarkable;” Paloma’s Caesar Salad is