Health Concerns

Which Street-Food Vendor Will Land The First A-Grade?

Health department letter grades for L.A. street food vendors were given the go-ahead in a vote by L.A. County Board of Supervisors yesterday, giving city vendors 30 days to prepare for twice-a-year inspections and a general nosy-ing around in their businesses. While we’ll let the eloquent Erin Glenn of the Loncheras Association take up our own battle cry that this will be a negative for real L.A. street food and city culture, giving traditional vendors a hard time to comply, it’s time to turn attention on the next big question: Who will be the first food truck to score an A?

Kogi has so far straddled a line between street and chic, and their volatile attitudes combined with Roy Choi’s predilections for “dark alleys,” “beat-downs“, and toking, plus that graffiti-sprayed truck don’t seem to make it the most welcoming for the new narcos inspections.

It’s more likely that Nom Nom or Grilled Cheese Truck will be the first to have their houses in order. Both trucks have done a stupendous job of adapting to the trend and becoming big hits, differentiating themselves from the the hoard of bandwagon jumpers with clean, clear appearances and skyward reputations. We’ll spare you thoughts on which trucks will struggle to “make the grade,” but welcome our readers’ thoughts in our comments section.

Who do you think will be the first trucks to ace the inspections and who will be the first to score average or fail completely? Seen anything exemplary or downright disturbing lately? Please do tell.

Which Street-Food Vendor Will Land The First A-Grade?