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What You Missed By Turning Stefan Richter Down

Photo: Bravo

He gets weekly mani-pedis, has a urinal in his backyard, plans to retire rich in seven years, and admits to “flirting” with just about everyone, regardless of age, gender, or zoological phyla level of Top Chefobsession. L.A. Times takes a look at “Swinging” Stefan Richter today, pointing out that he doesn’t “bleepin’ care what people bleepin’ say about” him, despite him getting steamed in our comments section when we explored his stance on “gay drinks” and questions on whether there was “anything past the 405?” But sorry ladies, even though he might have kissed you on the forehead or given a little rub dangerously close to your bra strap every time you’ve chatted, Stefan is taken. So, what are you missing?

Richter is currently attached to Laurel House, a fitness author and healthy living guru. Stefan apparently wanted to take her to Denny’s for their first date “because he thought it would be romantic,” while the second date was over wings and pot-stickers. Perhaps one has to keep a low overhead when playing the numbers like Richter.

But soon after the nice young lady in question expressed fears that her dieting would be dashed by the randy chef, Richter stepped in to rejigger L.A. Farm and their relationship blossomed. Now, the couple is trying to conceive, she spends plenty of time at his restaurants, and the two admittedly sound pretty “bleepin’” cute together. He even put a dish on the menu of egg-whites benedict for her.

See girls, if only you’d have given him his shot, Stefan “Romance” Richter would have eventually made it worth your while, detour to Denny’s and a few Journey mix-tapes not withstanding.

Top Chef’s Stefan Richter, Ready for Prime Time]

What You Missed By Turning Stefan Richter Down