What to Eat at the Grub Street Food Festival This Saturday

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to start fasting in order to make room for the parade of gustatory delights that awaits at the Grub Street Food Festival. And it’s also time to come up with a game plan — as much as you’re going to want to, you’re not going to be able to bite into every bun, tuck into every taco, pound every empanada, tear into every tequeño, and bask in every biscuit. (If you somehow manage to do so, please blog about it so we can link to you!) So to help you along, here’s a look at just some of what will be spilling out of the cornucopia this Saturday from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. Expect surprises, and remember it’s free; it’s at the intersection of Hester and Essex Streets; and it’s rain, hail, or shine!

Macao Trading Co.
Mushroom and truffle croquettes
Chicken dumplings

The Commodore
Pork dogs: a foot-long version of a popular sandwich on rotation at the restaurant featuring slow-roasted pork, cole slaw, pickles, and baked beans

Grandaisy Bakery
Fresh rustic Italian breads
Roman-style pizzas
Non-perishables like biscotti pratessi

Purple Yam
Chicken adobo with rice and cucumber salad
Pork adobo with rice and cucumber salad
Fresh lumpia (stir-fried Napa cabbage, leeks, jicama, and beansprouts) with garlic caramel sauce
Kian’s pork-belly buns
Buko (young coconut) pie

Cheeky Sandwiches
Braised short ribs with wild arugula and cherry tomatoes topped with horseradish sauce
Fried chicken on a buttermilk biscuit with coleslaw and gravy

Pain D’Avignon
Fresh Artisan bread

Mile End Delicatessen
Smoked-meat sandwiches

Pies N Thighs
Chicken biscuit: fried chicken cutlet with honey-butter and hot sauce on our biscuit
Concord Biscuits: homemade Concord grape jelly with cream cheese on our biscuit
Autumn Salad: cabbage, apple, toasted spicy almonds, red onion, and cilantro
Mini-Molasses-Cookies: spicy and chewy molasses cookies
Lemonade: our classic lemonade
Sweet Tea: our classic sweet tea
Renegade: lightly sweetened fresh ginger tea

Patacon Pisao
Cachapas (sweet-corn “crepes” stuffed with fresh mozzarella cheese, topped with creamy “nata”)
Patacon (crispy plantain sandwich stuffed with chicken or beef layered with piece of white cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and special sauce)
Tequenos (white cheese wrapped in dough and fried)
Empanadas (three kinds: chicken, beef, and black beans with cheese)

Luke’s Lobster
Lobster rolls

The Smile
Mini-version of our tickler grilled cheese with pickled red onions and tomato jam
Mini-version of our balsamic roasted chicken (pousson) with thyme-roasted red potatoes

Ditch Plains
Ditch dogs, sloppy dogs, clam chowder

Moo Life
Shrimp sliders with a mango cole slaw

Cascabel Taqueria
Fresh Soft Corn Tacos
Pollo Chipotle: amish chicken, avocado, green onion, chicken chicharron
Carnitas: slow roasted bershire pork butt, pickled red onion, roasted chili de
Churros: cinnamon-spiced Mexican doughnuts (three per order)
Chocolate Caliente: ancho-spiced hot chocolate

Employees Only
Balkan burger
Lime rickey
Pomegranate mint cooler

Pako Taco
Korean tacos

Caramelized pork-belly banh mi
Vietnamese beef meatballs on a bed of cucumber
Sweet rice stuffed with Mung bean (vegetarian friendly)

La Sonrisa
Savory Empanadas
1. Classic beef
2. Pulled pork
3. Roasted chicken
4. Vegetarian

Dessert Empanadas (Mini)
1. Feta and mint
2. Raspberry and dark chocolate

1. Saffron rice with guandules
2. Yuca (cassava) chips
3. Cuban corn
4. Sancocho (Stew)

Malbon Brothers BBQ
BBQ pulled-pork sandwich

Nijiya Market

Georgia’s Eastside BBQ
Applewood-smoked-chicken sandwich
Applewood-smoked-pulled-pork sandwich
Potato salad
Banana pudding
Sweat tea

Il Buco
Panna Cotta all’ Aceto Balsamico: “cooked cream” drizzled with ten-year-aged balsamic vinegar

Gloria’s II & III

Rhong - Tiam
Grilled duck breast wrapped with tamarind sauce
Coconut lemongrass chicken wrapped
Shrimp-mix chicken dumpling with ginger vinaigrette
King of Mushroom dumpling with Tamari chili sauce
Jasmine Thai iced tea
Beanthread and earwood mushroom summer roll and curry-infused peanut sauce

Wafels & Dinges
Belgian waffles

Sigmund Pretzelshop
Hand-rolled pretzels

Hot Blondies
Blondies: classic, butterscotch white chocolate, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter chocolate chunk
Brunettes: classic, s’mores, espresso white chocolate, Nutella hazelnut
Tarts: butter tarts, apple-pie tarts

Melt Bakery
Ice-cream sandwiches:
1. Jack: molasses cookies with pumpkin-pie ice cream
2. Kareem: pistachio baklava with pistachio gelato
3. Grog: chewy nutmeg cookies with eggnog ice cream
4. Classic: chocolate-chip-walnut cookies with vanilla bean ice cream

Fried Pies:
1. Original apple pie tossed in spiced sugar
2. Pumpkin pie with a graham-cracker crust tossed in ginger sugar

Macaron Parlour
Macarons: dig, apple-cider caramel, pumpkin, lemon, Thai chili, earl grey, and honey.
Hot chocolate

Green Brown Orange
Grilled Jamison farms lamb sausage with cranberry bean and shaved fennel salad
Roasted cauliflower soup with caramelized apples and rocket greens
Southold, Long Island seafood paella
Hot cider

Original BaconMarmalade
Spicy BaconMarmalade on brioche toasts and pumpernickel toasts

Skim Kim
Skim’s personal favorite Skimchee
BeetRabi Skimchee: Chioggia beets, white, and purple kohlrabi
Kimchee butter
Goguma Shepherd’s pie
Served individually. Featuring smokey savoy cabbage skimchee and tons of pork. A Korean adaptation of a Scotch-Irish Favorite.

Kickstand Coffee
Iced coffee: Cafe Grumpy El Salvador Finca El Carmen
Pourover hot coffee: Ethiopia Suke Quto

Bao Bing
Mango and mango sorbet
Strawberry, mango, kiwi, and mango sorbet
Grass jelly, watermelon, red bean, and green tea ice cream
Fruity Pebbles, watermelon, mango, and green tea ice cream

Choose three toppings and a scoop of ice cream/sorbet:
Toppings: strawberry, mango, kiwi, watermelon, grass jelly, red bean, mochi, soft peanuts, taro
Scoop: mango sorbet or green tea ice cream

Char No. 4
Smoked short rib and pork shoulder chili with hominy
Bourbon-spiced peanuts

La Newyorkina

Arancini Bros.
Arancini Alla Zucca e Mascarpone: roasted pumpkin arancini with mascarpone cheese
Arancini Al Ragu: saffron rice, meat ragu with peas, and mozzarella
Arancini Al Tonno e Capperi: arancini stuffed with tuna and capers
Arancini Alla Scarola e Fagioli: sauteed escarole, white beans, and stracchino cheese

Naya & Milas Organic Dog Treats
Grass-fed beef liver treats:
Organic chicken liver treats
Organic ginger snaps
“Un-chocolate” chocolate-chip cookies

P&H; Soda Co.
Hibiscus, lime, ginger, and cream sodas plus one or two seasonal flavors. These depend on what the Greenmarket has that week.

Kelvin Natural Slush Co.
Step 1: Choose your base slush: Citrus, Ginger, Tea
Step 2: Choose your mix-in: A variety of fruit purées and fresh chopped herbs including: mint, basil, white peach, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, mango, caramelized pineapple, pear

Oak-Smoked Short Ribs
-oak smoked, salsa verde, aged white cheddar, salsa fresca
House Chorizo
-goat-feta cheese, habanero aioli slaw, cilantro
(chorizo substitute: smoky pinto beans)
BBQ Beets
-fiery BBQ sauce, spiced goat crumbled cheese, watercress

BBQ Brisket
-mexicana rub, alder smoke, arbol BBQ sauce, spicy slaw, avocado
Smoked Chicken
-chipotle rub, cherry smoke, charred poblanos, salsa verde
Pulled Pork Shoulder
-mexicana rub, alder smoke, arbol BBQ Sauce, pickled red onions, avocado

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What to Eat at the Grub Street Food Festival This Saturday