What to Eat at Owen and Engine, Now Open
Chips with a malt vinegar aioli.

Owen & Engine opened last night, bringing a proper British pub to the eastern edge of Logan Square. The bar is handsome and full of expensive details, even if its location is a little questionable. Currently it’s right by a funeral home, next door to a barbecue restaurant, and across the street from a large bland movie theater. But this isn’t just a standard faux-pub with a few beer signs and a funny name. Hosts greet you when you arrive, and it has a menu with prices that kind of demand you take it seriously. We swung by on opening day to see how it all turned out.

Though it sits right on the eternally busy Western Avenue, inside it is quiet and peaceful. There has been extreme attention paid to the decoration, including some incredibly comfortable chairs. The level of care translates to the beer menu, too. Though just about every new bar loudly proclaims its large beer selection, Owen & Engine is taking a different approach. It is featuring a collection of cask beers served from hand-pumped “engines” (that name makes a little more sense now). The beer list features a few imports, but also a lot of local brews.

As we noticed a few days ago, the dinner menu features a smattering of British classics next to some standard American ones. You’ll be able to order bangers and mash or go for a burger. Still, we are impressed that the menu includes one Indian selection, which might make it more of a traditional pub than any other dish. Check out the full menu below, along with a slideshow from opening night.

Owen & Engine, 2700 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647; 773-235-2930

Owen & Engine Dinner Menu [PDF]
Owen & Engine Brunch and Tea Menu [PDF]
Owen & Engine Drink Menu [PDF]

What to Eat at Owen and Engine, Now Open