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What to Eat at Lao You Ju

Beef with Cumin Skewers
Beef with Cumin Skewers Photo: galdonesphotography.com

Yesterday we took a look inside Lao You Ju, Tony Hu’s stylish new Chinatown spot, and today we finally got our hands on the official menu. Compared to the hefty tomes handed to you at his other restaurants, it’s a relatively concise 16 pages. Sure, that’s padded with a history of how Hu created his restaurant empire, but for the most part the menu jumps right into the good stuff. As was rumored, the majority of the dishes are small and inexpensive. For the first ten pages, only one dish creeps over the ten dollar mark (the shark’s fin soup). Take a look at the full menu below.

Only when you get to the “House Signatures” will you start to pay more, but where else will you encounter Abalone Hong Kong Style or Extremely Spicy Duck Tongue in Nestle? Of course, we are also happy to see some of his classics made the jump here. We wouldn’t mind seeing Tony’s lamb with cumin at every restaurant in town.

Lao You Ju Menu [Warning! It’s a Massive PDF]
Lao You Ju, 2002 S. Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL 60616; 312-225-7818

What to Eat at Lao You Ju