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What to Eat at Bourbon Steak, Opening Thursday

Michael Mina at the Westin St. Francis is in the final stages of its quick make-under to become Bourbon Steak, Mina’s casual steakhouse concept with branches in Miami and elsewhere. They open to the public Thursday, October 7, serving up Mina’s signature butter-poached steaks in a range of sizes and grades (from a 10 oz. American Kobe flat-iron to 28 oz. porterhouse), as well as a bunch of other sure-to-please items like lobster corndogs, his famous lobster pot pie, potato skins “poutine,” and his take on cioppino. See the full menu below.

Menu subject to change.


Lobster Corndogs
tarragon mustard sauce    16

Hokkaido Scallop & Shiro Ebi “sweet shrimp” lettuce cups
compressed melon, mint, pickled red onion    17

Poached prawn cocktail
saltwater-poached, mustard aioli, cocktail sauce    18

Potato skins “poutine” with short rib
aged Gouda, grilled scallion, horseradish crème fraiché    14

Crispy Korean chicken wings
opal basil, bird chilies, toasted garlic    15

Classic cheese fondue
San Francisco sourdough, honey crisp apples    14

Black truffle popcorn
truffle butter    15

Shellfish platter
marinated shellfish, local oysters, duet of crab     MP


All star organics’ little gem salad
pancetta, Point Reyes blue, avocado “goddess” dressing    14

Hollander farm heirloom tomatoes
burrata mozzarella, sylvetta arugula, Black Olive Vinaigrette    15

Iacopi farm bean “minestrone soup”
brodo consommé, petite vegetables, ricotta tortellini, argan oil    14

Ahi Tuna tartare
scotch bonnet pepper, pine nuts, mint, sesame oil    19

Hudson valley foie gras terrine
mission fig preserve, pistachio streussel, fennel pollen brioche    27

Bone marrow & oxtail
baby shallot confit, Meyer lemon gremolata, country bread    16

American Waygu tartare
Kettle chips, watercress aioli, toasted shallots, pickled daikon    18

Butter-poached Maine Lobster
sweet corn crepe, Thai curry, citrus, opal basil    27

Selection of caviar
classic service, warm blini, Kendall farms crème Fraiche    MP


San Francisco cioppino
local fish and shellfish, Tinkerbelle peppers, butter bean crostini    32

Prather ranch Lamb
fresh coriander yogurt, Muscat grape & panise, Isot chili gastrique

Michael’s Classic lobster pot pie
Hamada farms baby vegetables, brandy lobster cream, black truffle    MP

Brandt 72-Hour Short ribs
parsnip purée, glazed mixed onions, Worcestershire, horseradish    36

Herb-roasted chicken
breast, leg, roasted vegetables, Liver flan   29

Chef Mina’s burger ‘California style’
“Pond hopper”,” Thousand Island dressing, local accompaniments    18

Chef Mina’s Falafel Burger
tahini Sauce, cucumber relish


PRIME STEAKS                            FISH & SHELLFISH      SUPPLEMENTS
18 oz c.a.b. Bone-in Rib Eye 42      Wild Sockeye Salmon 34      Foie Napoleon 22
14 oz Dry-aged NY Strip 49              Black Cod 38          Bone Marrow Custard 16
10 oz filet mignon 45                  Hokaido Scallop (2) 34        Lobster Fondue 27
28 oz porterhouse 65                Crispy Kyushu Medai 35       
14 oz Brandt farms dry-aged rib eye    55
10 oz American Kobe flat iron    38
10 oz American Kobe cap    48
6 oz Australian Waygu NY Strip    MP

Bordelaise Vinaigrette or Béarnaise Citrus Beurre Blanc

  9 each

Salt-Baked Potato,      Local shelling bean Gratin
bacon, chives, cheddar crème fraiche
Yukon gold potato purée    Peas and Carrots, Onion Emulsion
Black Truffle “Mac & Cheese”    Cream spinach
Panisse Frites, Harrisa Aioli   “Michael’s” cream corn

Bourbon Steak
- Westin St. Francis on Union Square - 415-397-3003 - Open for dinner Sunday through Thursday 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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What to Eat at Bourbon Steak, Opening Thursday