What to Eat at Acre, Now Open

A look at the dining room at Acre.
A look at the dining room at Acre. Photo: courtesy of UrbanDaddy

Earlier this month Charlie’s Ale House in Andersonville closed to make way for Acre, which owner Marty Fosse promised would be a “uniquely American” restaurant. Fosse already owned the successful Anteprima next door, and talked about how the new menu would focus on seasonal food and house-made charcuterie. To be sure, the menu couldn’t be further away from traditional bar fare, unless your local bar serves goat pastrami, grilled dates, and lamb hearts. And that’s just the appetizer section. Check out the full menu after the jump.

Acre opened last weekend, and it actually features two menus. The full dinner menu (along with those lamb hearts) are available in the main dining room. But there is also a tap room menu, which you can sample at the bar. It features a collection of soups, sandwiches, and also something called the “All Hail the Mighty Pork.” That particular item which features ribs, pork belly, and red peas and rice.

Acre’s Dinner Menu [PDF]
Acre’s Tap Room Menu [PDF]

Acre, 5308 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640; 773-334-7600
Acre, Oyster, and Pork Burgers in Andersonville [UrbanDaddy]

What to Eat at Acre, Now Open