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What The Lucky Few Will Eat at LudoBites 6.0

Lefebvre's pear with hot chocolate, matcha green tea broth, and mint
Lefebvre’s pear with hot chocolate, matcha green tea broth, and mint Photo: KevinEats

LudoBites 6.0 opened last night in Sherman Oaks. Since 99.99% of his fans won’t be there (forever sworn to vendettas against OpenTable), you’ll have to rely on blogger KevinEats, naturally the first to have photos up after digesting every single dish. He tries to kill accusations that bloggers are the only ones who get tables here, since he couldn’t reserve one himself, but the point is lost the very second he tells us he piggybacked on the reservation of another food blogger! But like many a local lady dreams at night, let’s get on to Ludo! What’s he cooking this go-round?

Every night a different cocktail is planned here, with a Mexican mojito the star of last night’s show (using the same tequila that made Ludo disrobe at Guelaguetza during the World Cup). The French chef’s dishes were again an entwined Hiroshima Mon Amour-style, European-on-Asian love affair, with plates like Camembert mousse and kimchi consomme gelee smothering Kumamotos, a Pad Thai of barely cooked squid noodles, poached foie in a miso broth, and a Vietnamese-style hamachi. There’s also a well-thought-out wine list offering both Ludo’s and Krissy’s personal choices.

Ludo’s also a little bit on the South/Central-American tip these days, marinating chicken in chorizo, boosting a John Dory broth with jalapenos, adding Peruvian leche de tigre to lightly-torched mackerel, and buttoning his short-sleeve shirt way up at the top like a total chingón. Anyway, KevinEats and crew ate through the entire menu and probably bought the key-chain too, so take a look at some new LudoBites food porn and imagine the tastes you will never experience, unless you have the stones to attempt a walk-in.

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What The Lucky Few Will Eat at LudoBites 6.0