We Have A Winner For Mark Bittman’s Food Matters Cookbook

Photo: Simon & Schuster

We have a winner in our contest for one copy of Mark Bittman’s new exploration of better eating, The Food Matters Cookbook. The entries were many, with popular tales of a penne a la vodka that helps a man “get some” at home, reminisces of “real” Kosher pickles, and the rewards of a Yankee introducing his gumbo recipe to some folks down South. But ultimately, we have only one copy to give away and a strange, creative, and possibly Halloween-flavored piece of poetry took the cake when the dust had cleared. So, who wins our copy of Bittman’s book?

Reader Virgina Kerr will be receiving the copy of Food Matters for her clever poem about a certain cerebral snack that we have below. Although it was tempting to reject a rhyming poem on principle, Virgina demonstrated sharp wit, humor, and inspiration in describing her favorite snack.

Ms. Kerr may want to take her copy of Bittman’s book to L.A.’s Skirball Center on October 26th, where Bittman will take part in a conversation with Good Food host Evan Kleiman at 7:30 P.M. Congratulations Ms. Kerr and thanks to all who entered.

Now without further to-do, here’s the winning entry:

Which Food Matters Most To You and Why?

You ask me what food matters most,
But you don’t tell me never to boast.
So I’ll tell you quite plain
It’s a savory brain
That I sizzle and nibble with toast.

But alas I strain your credulity
With a brain-eater’s idle tomfoolery
You question my taste
You’d rather eat paste
Than an organ possessed with garulity.

Oh brothers oh sisters take heart
That my brainiac snack is quite smart
With a drop of fresh lemon
And a slice of persimmon
No skeptic could tear us apart.

We Have A Winner For Mark Bittman’s Food Matters Cookbook