The James Weird Awards

The James Weird Awards: All-Potato Diets, Exploding Toilets, and Special Tap Water

We were weirded out by the new practice of gassing chickens before killing them, the marriage proposal in a hot-dog line, and the fun discovery that New Yorkers will eat fish off the ground. Still, the news from the food world gets even stranger in this week’s James Weird Awards.

In Liverpool, a man led two horses through a McDonald’s drive-through for a late-night snack. He had apparently come from celebrating a show-jumping event at a nearby racetrack. Reports one witness: “The guy who was leading them made his way to the junction with the main road and started to try to get on them, but he seemed to keep falling off.” We’re sure he was just really tired. [Liverpool Echo]

A woman previously arrested for sex in a public park was caught stealing from the buffet at South Beach Restaurant in Batavia, New York. The restaurant owner agreed not to press charges if the woman wears a large sign that reads “I STOLE FROM SOUTH BEACH RESTAURANT AND WAS CAUGHT” and parades up and down the street. He later changed his mind, apparently losing his taste for abject humiliation. [Batavian]

A man in Washington State has embarked on a 60-day all-potato diet in protest of efforts to limit potatoes in federal child-nutrition programs. Shockingly, he’s already sick of them. “Tuesday was a rough day for me,” he said. “I really, really wanted a pickle.” [Tri-City Herald]

Another McDonald’s toilet stall went rogue this week, this time in Sydney, Australia, when one of the men’s toilets exploded from a small, homemade bomb. Luckily, no one was using it at the time. [Sydney Morning Herald]

A couple in Cleveland, Tennessee, is suing Steak ‘n Shake over their son’s hospitalization after eating chili including the special ingredient “Mega Death” hot sauce. The name of the sauce probably won’t help the restaurant’s cause. [WSMV]

A man in Berwick, Maine, turned himself in to the police after he threw his son’s sandwich at a deli worker’s face. [Foster’s Daily Herald]

An eight-foot, 800-pound rooster statue on the roof of Hitching Post Pizza and Pub in Apache Junction, Arizona, has been felled by the city building inspector. The owner is determined to keep the giant chicken, but may settle for keeping it earthbound. [AZ Central]

The James Weird Awards: All-Potato Diets, Exploding Toilets, and Special Tap