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The Franklin Revamps Its Cocktail List for Fall

The Franklin's cocktails
The Franklin’s cocktails Photo: Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co.

Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co., the stylish, boozy hideaway that most recently added GQ’s Top 25 Cocktail Bars to its growing list of accolades, has rolled out a new cocktail menu for fall months. This latest update, like those in the past, is the result of near constant tinkering and experimenting by the Franklin’s team of mixologists. This latest cocktail list revision doesn’t necessarily smack of all new offerings. Many of the drinks are entirely new creations, while others are favorites that are making a return from last fall. Click through to see the entire revamped menu.

Required reading
because we respect our elders

Bee’s Knees
Beefeater, Lemon, Honey, Served Up

The Darb Cocktail
Beefeater, Dry Vermouth, Apry, fresh lemon juice, angostura, Served up

Bizzy Izzy
rye whiskey, amontillado sherry,
fresh pineapple and lemon juice,
angostura , served tall with soda

rum, old tom, maraschino liqueur,
fresh orange and lemon juice,
angostura bitters, served up

Rye whiskey, dubonnet, orange liqueur,
peychaud bitters, served up

Horse Thief
gin, dry vermouth, absinthe, served up

a can of lager and a shot of american whiskey

Rebellious Spirits
because America was founded on them and
progress depends upon them

Dead Moon
rum, benedictine, cynar, served up

Darkness on the Edge of Town
rum, cognac, sweet vermouth, benedictine,
peychaud and angostura bitters
served on a rock

The Pathology of Devotion
rum , Colin’s mix, absinthe, fresh orange and lime juice
served on crushed ice

mescal, cruzan white rum,
housemade blackberry habenaro syrup, fresh lime juice
served on a rock

The Second Labor
tomato and sage infused vermouth, gin, salt
served up

Santa Muerte
blanco tequila, mescal, dry vermouth, green chartreuse
orange bitters served up

I Asked Her For Water, She Brought me Gasoline
Because sometimes you want a drink with teeth

Santa Muerte
blanco Tequila, mescal, dry vermouth, green chartreuse,
orange bitters served up

Harry Rag
scotch, amaro nonino, green chartreuse, orange bitters
served up

Left Hook- 14
reposado tequila, punt e mes, mescal,
maraschino liqueur and peychaud bitters
served up

Six-inch Gold Blade
rum, amaro nardini, campari, punt e mes, islay scotch
angostura and mole bitters, served up

Rough and Tumble
Bourbon, ramazotti, green chartreuse and angostura bitters, served Up

Easy Going
because sometimes the path of least resistance
is the solution

House of Lords
rum, pimm’s cup no.1, cynar, creme de peche, fresh lime
served up

Spider Kiss
rum, averna, freshlemon juice, grapefruit syrup,
peychaud bitters, served up

Stormy Monday
rum, housemade ginger syrup, absinthe,
fresh pineapple and lime juice,
peychaud bitters, served tall with soda

Sleep is the Cousin of Death
coffee infused rum and cognac, cane, galliano, heavy cream, served up

Humbert Humbert
rum, campari, honey, fresh lemon juice, fresh strawberry
salt, egg white, peychaud bitters
served on a rock with soda

3 Stacks 14
reposado tequila, creme de cacao, cocchi americano, mescal,
fresh grapefruit juice, angostura bitters, served up

rye whiskey, averna, cognac, orange liqueur, angostura
and peychaud bitters, served up

The Flowing Bowl
because sometimes the answer is punch in your mouth

Punch was the grandaddy of the cocktail. We at the
Franklin love this oft-misunderstood beverage. All punches are served in single servings($12), for four to six($42) and small($100) and large($200) bowls. Bowls take time to prepare and imbibe, and meant to be an experience to share among friends. Think of it as the sixteenth and seventeenth century equivalent of bottle service.

Angel Falls Punch
rum, orange and cherry liqueur, demerara
fresh lime juice, topped with champagne

The Collective Unconscious Punch
cognac, rum, batavia arrack, lapsang souchang, demerara
fresh lemon juice and angostura bitters

Backhanded Punch
cruzan white rum, kashmiri green tea, creme de cacao
fresh lime juice

House of Leaves
because change is inevitable and never to be feared

South of Heaven-13
Blanco Tequila, aperol, housemade pumpkin syrup,
fresh lemon juice, celery bitters served tall with tonic

Hunter’s Moon
Scotch, amontillado sherry, honey, fresh apple
and lemon juice, peychaud bitters, clove tincture,
egg white, served up

Blues Explosion
Tennessee whiskey, fresh grapefruit juice, maple syrup,
angostura bitters, served on a rock

cognac, apple brandy, pumpkin syrup, bitter
served on a rock

Evil Woman Swizzle-14
averna, nardini amaro, punt e mes, cane, fresh lemon juice
angostura bitters, red wine, clove tincture, served tall on crushed ice

The Franklin Revamps Its Cocktail List for Fall