Stephen Elliott Not OK With Blue Bottle, Is OK With Pot Truffle Guy in Dolores Park

Stephen Elliott
Stephen Elliott Photo: via SFoodie

Mission-based author and activist Stephen Elliott (The Adderall Diaries, Happy Baby) joins the fray of those opposing Rec and Parks decision to allow Blue Bottle Coffee and La Cocina to roll carts and trailers into Dolores Park. As SFoodie reports, he’s started a blog called Stop the Trailer specifically aimed at Blue Bottle and the commercialization of what he calls “an overstressed park.” He argues further, “If this had gone through the planning department like any brick and mortar business, it would have been required to post signs in the window for several weeks. And there would have to be a hearing.” Elliott’s main objection is to the locally based Blue Bottle getting preferential treatment, especially when they’ve grown into a business with revenues in the tens of millions of dollars and will be competitive with smaller, neighborhood businesses.

“I did this because I thought it was going to be charming and innocuous,” says Blue Bottle owner James Freeman. “I don’t want to send my people into a place where they’re going to get into a lot of conflict.”

As for the La Cocina carts, which are very much small-scale, grass-roots businesses, Elliott hadn’t really heard about those and couldn’t comment. And as for the pot truffle guy and the mushroom chocolate guy and the “cold beer cold water” guy? He seems okay with them continuing on as-is, catering to the park’s hungry and thirsty clientele, despite their arguable competition with area businesses.

If you’re interested in entering the ongoing war against Blue Bottle and their monstrous/charming trailer, show up tomorrow, October 13, at Dolores Park Café at 8:30 p.m.

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Stephen Elliott Not OK With Blue Bottle, Is OK With Pot Truffle Guy in Dolores