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We Might as Well Spoil Last Sunday’s ‘Next Iron Chef’

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If you didn’t catch Sunday’s episode, and you aren’t die-hard enough to have watched it by now, we’ll just tell you that Harvest chef Mary Dumont will not be an Iron Chef. In the challenge that led to her demise, the chefs had to get resourceful and fish for the main ingredient to be used in the catch-of-the-day battle. On the high-seas Dumont reeled in a baby shark, but threw it back, ending up with rockfish and scorpion fish. Dumont’s execution of a seared rockfish and cockle billi-bi and scorpion fish tartare with pineapple puree didn’t win over the judges, who sent her packing. Her dismissal didn’t exactly come as a surprise: The previous week Dumont got a nasty cut and the judges compared the chef’s short rib to shoe leather.

The Cambridge-based chef told seacoastonline that “Everyone at Harvest was really bummed on Sunday when they saw me leave the show — I saw some tears — but I told them it was a really great experience.” Fork Lift has posted exclusive blogs from chef Dumont, chronicling her “Next Iron Chef” experience. The blog promises one more behind-the-scenes entry later in the week. Now it’s all up to Ming to bring the title home to Boston.

“The Next Iron Chef” bids bye-bye to Harvest’s Dumont [Fork Lift]

We Might as Well Spoil Last Sunday’s ‘Next Iron Chef’