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South Street’s West Side Emerges as a Restaurant Row

Jet Wine Bar
Jet Wine Bar Photo: Courtesy Foobooz

As East Passyunk Ave. and East Girard Ave. continue to go neck and neck as contenders for the next restaurant row, the section of South Street stretching from the 1500 block to the 2100 block is coming up on the outside and inching closer to cinching the lead. Jet Wine Bar, which is supposedly opening on Sunday, American Blackboard and a second location for Honey’s Sit n Eat are just a few of at least six new destinations that are preparing to open there in the coming weeks and months.

Add them to the list of established spots, like Grace Tavern, L2, Pumpkin, Bob and Barbara’s and Jamaican Jerk Hut, and you’re looking at dozens of eating and drinking establishments in less than ten blocks. Too bad we can’t say the same is true for the blocks of South Street that run east of Broad, which remain, shall we say, in flux.
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South Street’s West Side Emerges as a Restaurant Row