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Sifton Has No Stars for Xiao Ye; Vandaag Is ‘Worth Settling In For’

Xiao Ye is an artful misfire: the sort of place that, as [chef Eddie Huang] sadly appears to desire it to be, is really only best when the customers are a little drunk, a little high, maybe both and in any event extremely hungry,” Sam Sifton says in his zero-star review. There are some bright notes, like the “top-drawer dumplings, open-ended and sweetly moist within, more of that ground Duroc pork combining with Napa cabbage to elevate the flavor exactly to its $8 cost.” [NYT]
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Vandaag chef Phillip Kirschen-Clark “cooks food worth settling in for,” says Jay Cheshes. The spot is “a restaurant that realizes that being current means starting trends — not following them.” [TONY]
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“While the food at [Manzo] in the Eataly shopping complex will probably thrill you, the premises definitely won’t,” Robert Sietsema notes. “But the menu is amazing, with the capacity to transport you from your shopping-center surroundings into a realm of pure culinary invention.” [VV]
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At the Lambs Club, Gael Greene finds that “dinner is somewhat uneven, good and good enough, less brilliant” than an earlier preview visit. “The farm chicken … previously astonishingly moist, is good but not thrilling, and my halibut filet, cooked rarish as I asked, needs more oomph than market carrots can provide.” [Insatiable Critic]
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Steve Cuozzo has a different Lambs Club story, loving what he calls “a dandy debut in the land of bright lights, nostalgically clubby and cozy, where hits outnumber flops by 3-to-1 … [it’s] exactly the kind of suave, modern-American menu that belongs at the corporate-showbiz-media vortex of today’s Times Square.” Still, while lunch is great, “evening meals were less consistent.” [NYP]

The skin-on fried chicken at Hill Country Chicken “exhibits the cosmic one-ness between the crust and the skin that the great fried chicken cooks achieve,” raves Ed Levine, though the pies “vary in quality from marginally acceptable to very, very good.” [Serious Eats NY]
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Hecho en Dumbo’s vibe “is meant to evoke the sophistication of contemporary Mexico, and the food is appropriately urbane,” says Andrea Thompson. The kitchen takes “a spare approach, using just a few ingredients to superb effect … for all the gastronomic earnestness, the scene feels raw and energized.” [NYer]

Sifton Has No Stars for Xiao Ye; Vandaag Is ‘Worth Settling In For’