Pépin Birthday Lies; McDonald’s In Riverside Goes Green, Literally

• So, it turns out Pépin’s 75th birthday was actually in December, but he had another celebration last night at Waterbar anyhow. [Bunrab, Earlier]

• Coca-Cola has installed two “Freestyle” soda fountain machines in Oakland and Emeryville, which offer a choice of 106 different Coke brands from Vanilla Coke to Minute Maid strawberry lemonade. [Scoop]

Condé Nast Traveler readers choose San Francisco as their number-one destination in the U.S. [CNT via 7x7]

• Pay attention to the Bauer bell ratings! Scientists have discovered that background noise affects the taste of food, which could explain why airline food always seems so awful. [BBC]

• A McDonald’s in Riverside, California, recently rebuilt, installed a bizarro green sign to prove that they’ve gone really green. [KTLA]

• Traditional French food is in such a crisis that even French chefs are willing to admit it might be time to try something different. [WSJ]

• The $250,000 World Food Prize was awarded to an ordained minister and the found offer Heifer International. [Des Moines Register]

• For the Beard Awards next year, online and print journalism will be grouped together for the first time. [Eatocracy]

• Basically any kind of staple food you can buy is going to be more expensive soon. [NYP]

Pépin Birthday Lies; McDonald’s In Riverside Goes Green, Literally