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Potbelly Dishes Out Second Franchise

Get your own store!
Get your own store! Photo: courtesy Potbelly

We kind of take it for granted that there is a Potbelly’s reasonably close to us at all points during our day, but it turns out that the sandwich chain has not taken over every other city in the Midwest. For the most part Potbelly, which got its start in Lincoln Park, has resisted the urge to franchise, so each outlet was owned and carefully regulated by the company. In fact, it just signed its second franchise agreement with a couple in Toledo, Ohio, which will be the first outlet in Northern Ohio. Think you have what it takes to open a franchise? Turns out they are kind of particular.

Franchises are expected to cost somewhere between $456,000 and $767,000, which is a little lower than the million dollars that was rumored last year, but still a hefty sum. And that’s not all. Turns out the company is targeting “married couples and life-partner teams” who are “sincere about integrating Potbelly into the fabric of their communities.” Oh, and you’ll also have to dish out a $40,000 company fee, 10 percent of gross sales for marketing and “royalty payment.”

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Potbelly Dishes Out Second Franchise